Resizing sparse bundle image for time machine

I use Mac OS X Leopard's time machine to backup my notebook data to a network drive. I configured it according to this tutorial. Everything works fine. Initially, I set the maximum size of the spare bundle image to 15GB. Now I wanted to increase this to 20GB. After some searching, I found the solution:

hdiutil resize -size 20g


Anonym hat gesagt…

You can also use the DiskUtility app to resize the image.

Anonym hat gesagt…

The "Resize Image" operation in Disk Utility.app didn't seem to take effect on my machine (with Snow Leopard). Disk Utility reported the change, but Snow Leopard wouldn't grow the partition beyond the old size limit.

The command line suggestion mentioned in this post worked perfectly though ("hdiutil resize -size 20g").